Step by Step Guide to Tooth Extractions

There is a reason why a person becomes scared when their dentist starts to talk about tooth extractions. Nothing fun can come of someone taking out a tooth that is firmly in your mouth. The problem is that you may have an infected tooth that is causing you pain, or your dentist may want to take out a tooth or two before starting you on braces.

Extractions are not pleasant, but most of the unpleasant experience happens when you get home. When you are at the dentist’s office, there will be no problems. You receive an injection for local anesthesia, which is going to numb your entire mouth. You are not going to feel anything, and you will be able to sit through the extraction without batting an eye.

But a tooth extraction los angeles will be painful at some stage. It is when the anesthesia wears off that you begin to realize you are in a lot of pain. Then you will start to experience a lot of uncomfortable feelings. You will want to make sure you are taking painkillers and getting some bed rest for the day or two after the procedure.

Another vital step is to take your antibiotics. You may have to take one before the procedure and one after, when you get home. These are vital as they will help to prevent any infection in your mouth, which can otherwise happen due to the procedure.

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So long as you visit a quality dentist you has a lot of experience, your extraction should go fine. Yes you will be in some pain in the days after the procedure, but it is nothing that some soup and painkillers cannot resolve. Then you will be back to normal and you can talk to your dentist about the next steps in your dental journey.